Our Process

Selecting a business is the first step & time should be taken to ensure you choose a business which fits to your interest and lifestyle.

All of the businesses we sell are digital and can be run from anywhere in the world so long as you have a computer and internet connection.

Consider that with a services business you will spend a lot more time dealing with people and communication.  If you’re running an online shop then you’ll likely be spending a lot of time thinking about products and customers rather than actually communicating with them.

After purchasing your business we will be in touch with instructions on what happens next.

We will help you to setup payment gateways so that you can accept payments online.

You will get a technical training from us for this. Also an account manager will be assigned to you for any quick help or support.

The technical training will be taken care by our top technical experts who will teach you everything about this website through a phone call and will demonstrate everything LIVE by sharing the computer screen. You can ask any questions to him/her to clarify all your doubts.

Our team will be in regular communication about what is happening and when everything will be ready for the big day.

After about 24 hours you’ll receive your business documentation and marketing plan. These documents are very important and written in very short so you can easily read them up and learn a lot of things just like an expert of digital marketing.

Our team will help you to prepare your business for launch. Since each business is unique these steps will differ depending on you and your business. But we will help you make these decisions in an informed way.

The process of launching a business sounds scary but is relatively painless so long as you have the right guidance. We’ll be with you each and every step of the way!

After launching your business we’ll be there for you to answer any questions and support you. All businesses come with 12 months of full support at no extra cost.

This means we’ll be there to answer any questions on growing and scaling your business the right way.