Online Store: Fashion for Men


Interested in fashion? Fancy running an online store selling clothes for men? This could be the business for you.
Nobody can ignore the opportunities that online shopping has brought. And nobody can ignore the market for men’s clothes. Sales via online stores are growing year on year with no signs of a slowdown. With the high streets in decline all around the world and online shopping booming – now is the time to get into this market and start selling.

Estimated Delivery Time: 24 Hours Only (will be digitally delivered to you)

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Starting an online business can be stressful and time consuming. It can take the average person anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months to finish building an online store. That’s where we come in! Our team of designers are experts!

‘Businesses For Sale’ was founded to make it easy to launch your website (usually within 24 hours!), No design or coding skills needed.

🔥 This is a ready-made online drop-shipping store which is all set to start earning from day one. We have pre-made it which helps you to save a lot of your time, money, efforts and weeks of headache to find a good content writer, designer, developer & many more things. 🔥

🔥 It is already connected to the best drop shippers of those products and these drop shippers are responsible to ship & deliver those items to the end buyers. It is completely automatic. 🔥

You will be the complete official owner of this business once purchased from us. You will have access to all confidential admin sections of the website and you can change all passwords immediately after the business is delivered to you. You will the whole-sole owner of it.

➡️ How does it work?

✔️ This is 100% drop-shipping based e-commerce business model.

➡️ What is Drop-shipping? Please explain in more details.

✔️ When a customer place an order, you get paid first, you place the same order with the drop-shipper who ship the product to end customer. So you don’t need to buy any of the stock or hold any inventory. The process is 100% risk free and completely automatic where you don’t have to do any manual work.

➡️ Benefits of Drop-shipping:

👉🏼 Easier to start

✔️ Very easy to start because it doesn’t need stock, warehouse or shipment by yourself at all.

👉🏼 Easier to scale

✔️ You have a wider selection of products to sell and the drop-shipping supplier can help handle the incremental work.

👉🏼 No capital needed

✔️ No need to invest lots of money in inventory up front because you can purchase after getting paid by customers.

👉🏼 Lower business risk

✔️ The risk is much lower because you also have lower overhead costs and reduced losses on damaged goods

👉🏼 More flexible

✔️ You can launch a new online store anywhere and anytime or change your product lines more flexibly.

➡️ How many products would this website have?

✔️ At the time of delivery of the business, it comes with thousands of products already loaded on it but you can have unlimited products on it, it doesn’t matter whether you want 20000 or 100000 products on it. It’s very easy to import unlimited products on it within a single click. You can import multiple products in few minutes. Its a very easy process but we still give you a training for this.

➡️ Thinking about products, What kind of products it will be? What will be the actual pricing of them?

✔️ We connect this business with best drop-shipping company which stock all type of products which means you can start with add-up any niche to your store in future such as Fashion Items, Household Items, Pet store, Mens Store, Women’s Store, Book Store, Watch Store etc. You get each product on its wholesale price and that’s the real beauty of drop-shipping business model. You will get each product on its cheapest price and then you can set its pricing on your store. You are independent to set your own profits & margins. You can sale it on double or triple profit.

➡️ I want to see a DEMO of the web-store you are selling.

✔️ There is a link above saying ‘LIVE DEMO’,  kindly click there to see the Live Demo of the business.

➡️ How will I promote this website?

✔️ We will give you an online technical training for this.

➡️ What will be the future value of this business? Is it resalable? 

✔️ Corona pandemic has changes our life styles completely.This is the best time to invest in online business. Even if you don’t want to run it in future, you can easily resell it in future for a great price. Also we help you to resale it through us.

➡️ What can you do with this business yourself:

👉🏼 You can add/edit/delete/modify the home page banner of the website.

👉🏼 You can add/edit/delete/modify the content of any page of the website.

👉🏼 You can add/edit/delete/modify any category or subcategory of the website.

👉🏼 You can add/edit/delete/modify the product content/description/image etc.

👉🏼 You can set your own profits & margins on this website as per your own choice.

👉🏼 You can sale your own products through this platform if you have any.

👉🏼 Your drop-shipper is having billions of products and thousands of categories from different niche/sectors. You can bulk import unlimited products/categories on your website from drop-shipper’s website of any niche of your own choice, there is no limitations of importing the products, it can be even thousands or 10000 or 50000 or more products. The process works so easily and quick.

👉🏼 You can edit prices of any product as per your own choice, you can set your own profits & margins on them in a very easy way.

✔️ You will get a technical training from us for this. Also an account manager will be assigned to you for any quick help or support.

✔️ The technical training will be taken care by our top technical experts who will teach you everything about this website through a phone call and will demonstrate everything LIVE by sharing the computer screen. You can ask any questions to him/her to clarify all your doubts.

➡️ What’s included when I buy this business?

✅ Logo & Brand Creation

✅ Website domain name with all its files and assets

✅ Website Hosting Server with Unlimited Emails

✅ FREE SSL Certificate with LIFETIME Validity

✅ Mobile Device Responsive design

✅ Payment gateway integration

✅ Thousands of Products already uploaded which are ready for sale from day one

✅ Complimentary Google Ads Coupon Code of 100 GBP/ 100 USD

✅ Complimentary Bing Ads Coupon Code of 100 GBP/ 100 USD

✅ FREE Marketing and Technical Support

✅ FREE Technical Training by Our Experts

✅ Drop Shipper Sign Up

✅ List of USA/UK based Drop-shipping Suppliers PDF 

✅ Facebook Winning Ads Template 2021 PDF

✅ Top 20 Profitable Instagram Influencers PDF

✅ 186 USA/UK Drop-shipping Suppliers

✅ 17 Ways To Generate 1000’s Of New Leads

✅ 97+ Product Ideas For 2021

✅ Drop-shipping Blueprint 2.0

✅ Facebook Ads Blueprint 2021

✅ Google Ads Blueprint 2021

✅ Top 100 Most Profitable Influencers 2021

✅ Speedy Start-Up PDF

All of our businesses comes with Free Sell Back Guarantee so your money is always safe & secured. Its just an investment which will ultimately give you best results.

➡️ Which platform have you used to build this website?

✔️ WordPress.

➡️ Is there any other hidden cost of this business apart from the mentioned cost above?

✔️ It’s the one time cost we are charging and there is no other hidden charges at all.

➡️ What would be an expected income from this business?

✔️ SKY is the limit, you already have great example of AMAZON, eBay and many other e-commerce businesses. Even if you get only 20 sales/orders a day, you would be earning a good amount of money monthly.

➡️ Do I need experience to run this businesses?

✔️ No Experience Required ! It is completely automatic business.

➡️ How many hours does this business take to run every week?

✔️ 5 to 20 hours per week are fine, depending on the amount of orders you receive.

➡️ Will you give me a training on how to operate it?

✔️ Yes, you will get complete technical training online.

➡️ Do I need to work every-day on this business?

✔️ It’s a completely automatic business so no need to invest your time regularly.

➡️ When will  I get my business delivered once I purchase it?

✔️ Within 24 hours only.

➡️ How would I receive payments from this website sales into my bank account?

✔️ You can use any payment gateway of your own choice. We recommend to go with PayPal or Stripe which is most trustworthy and people like them a lot. We will integrate it with this website so all the payments will come directly into your bank account.

➡️ I have my own products that I want to add to this online store. Can I do that?

✔️ Of course, you can.

➡️ How do you provide support in future?

✔️ We provide you Lifetime support with 6 different kind of channels such as WhatsApp, Phone Call, Facebook Messenger, Email, SKYPE or our official Website Chat Support.

➡️ I can’t see my country’s local currency on the DEMO website, can it be changed to my Country’s local currency?

✔️ Of course ! It can be. You can even customize it in a way that any user will be able to see their local currency, doesn’t matter which country they visit from on the website. It is called as Geo Graphical location detection and currency changer process.

➡️ Can this drop shipper ship these products to the whole world if I want to sale worldwide?

✔️ Yes, It can. These businesses are designed to do business in all over the world so this drop shipper is also capable of shipping these items to the whole world.

➡️ Can I choose a name of my own choice for this business?

✔️ You are independent to choose any of your own choice (example: www. Your Choice Name .com)

24 Hour Handover Delivery

Our team will have your branded store completed within 24 hours. You will receive an email in your inbox where you can create an account to your new store. We will then transfer ownership & you can launch your store!

Make Opportunities, Take The Next Step!

safe Create your own brand.
 Set your own profit margins.
 We connect your store with suppliers.
 We load your store full of trending products.
 We deliver your store within 24 hours.
 Social media marketing guide included.

 No design or coding skills needed.

Accept Credit/Debit Cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay & PayPal

Allow your customers to pay for products on your site with their Credit/Debit Card or PayPal. If a customer chooses their card, the funds will be transferred automatically to your bank account after 3-5 days.

Fulfill your Orders with One Click

When you receive an order in your store, you simply click “Order Product” & pay the supplier the wholesale price & they will immediately ship the product straight to your customer for free. It’s magical! Say goodbye to those trips to the post office! 🎉

Earn Extra Income

Earn extra monthly passive income by selling products on your own online store. Some people even go on to make it their full time job. It’s totally up to you how much time and energy you want to invest.

It’s YOUR Store

We no longer have access once we transfer ownership. You are the 100% legal owner of the store. You can change everything and anything on the store, including products, pricing, pages, domains etc. You can easily add more products from reputable suppliers.

Information About The Sale

safe Getting Started Guide.
 24 Hour Transfer Of Store.
 Easily Customize Site and Product Pricing.

Gain access to reputable suppliers instantly. Once you purchase this store, you’re ready to start selling. Once a customer places an order on your site, you simply pay your supplier and your supplier will ship the product straight to your customer and you keep the profit.


Like any business venture, it does take some upfront investment to get started. Thankfully that investment is significantly reduced thanks to dropshipping! You don’t have to buy stock upfront like traditional retail models. We pride ourselves on being 100% transparent with our pricing, so It’s the one time cost and there is no other maintenance cost at all. You only have to renew the domain name & hosting after 12 months only what you can do your self online and it costs only 35 USD maximum and that will be valid for another 12 months again.

Have more questions?

Please read our ‘FAQ‘ section or ‘Initiate a Chat’ with our expert now.